Shipping 40yr old Champagne

So, I’ve found a birth year champagne for possibly a great price. I’m not totally sure of the storage conditions the past 40yrs, and I’m willing to take that risk since I can get the bottle on the cheap. But now it crosses my mind how is shipping this wine going to effect it? Really this purchase is more about the fun of the year and trying a very old champagne for the 1st time. If it’s not perfect that’s ok, but guess I wonder with all the bumps and temp fluctuations along the way if it’s really going to go downhill more, or if it’s just the same as any other bottle?

Would ground be the best option or is a 2nd day air or something of the sort a better option.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I’ve shipped 40 year old champagne a fair amount of times. As long as you let it settle a week or so before drinking, it will be fine.

Great to hear! Thanks. Now let’s see if I can get it shipped for any reasonable amount…

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1985 Perrier Joiet Belle Epoque

$85 + shipping. Pretty excited about this purchase and hopefully this has been stored semi well for the past 37 year. If not it will be a good run down on a very old champagne.

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How in the world do you even find something like this?

I know. I’m unbelievably…giddy about this. Honestly a little nervous of posting where I bought, as I’m afraid it might get “discovered”. There is one other item I’m considering buying in the next week or so.
But I can tell you it’s a legit online purchase, although I’m pretty sure I got extremely lucky on the timing and the find.

If this is just a random individual seller and not from a collector with a cellar, there is a pretty good chance of improper long-term storage and a poor or sub-optimal bottle. Especially with Champagne. Where someone gets it as a gift, and tucks in the kitchen cabinet above the stove with their liquor. Doesn’t open it because it’s ‘too special’.

It certainly doesn’t look like it was stored in a cellar.

Regardless, hopefully it shows well for you!

Nice find! Ive snagged older bottles of PJ in boxsets over the years on Craigslist of all places. Definitley not stored properly in most cases and the drinking experience reflected that. Fingers crossed this one shines for you :slight_smile:

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I would be scared for 2 reasons

  1. I would bet that hasn’t been stored properly

  2. the price is really low.

Where exactly is the wine, and where does it need to get? Cities and states is just fine to reveal.