Shaya Verdejo Old Vines Rueda 2008 750ml

Shaya Verdejo Old Vines Rueda 2008 750ml

About $14. One of the best white wines I’ve had in a long, long time. And I drink alot
of white wine. Extremely clean and dry. You will not be dissapointed.

I was talking to some people about Rueda (Verdedjo) white wines. Is there any bad wine made there? Possibly the best QPR white wine region around, especially for summer sippers.

I tried it the other day and thought it was a fantastic wine. The fact that Jorge Ordonez came up with a name that rhymes with “Naia” was pretty funny. I tried it side-by-side with the 2008 Naia and much preferred the Shaya.

Dan, this was a total fluke. When we cracked it…I was dumbfounded. I’ve always enyoyed the Basa Rueda’s, but this was beyond what I expected.

Oh, and yes, I meant QPR! I mean, I like to drink ALOT of white wine!

Thanks for chiming in.

Very cool info to know Michael! Thanks!

Good to know. Jorge is a genius. He could sell a brand that is seemingly worthless and create another one in a matter of months. Sheer genius.

I am sure it will get a 92 from Miller.

Ha Ha!!! That’s so not funny…

“No tasting note given”

This wine is so good for the price. all the details too. dark glass, burg bottle, the juice is crispy and minerally finish

T-Bone posting tasting notes. Magic is in the air.

Thanks for the note Bone. Europe definitely trumps Cali on the balanced white wines in the under $30 category, no contest.

Brian, for your first post…

Keep on keepin’ on! You are obviously drinking smart and well.

Cheers, and welcome to the Berzerkers.

Brian M. is really Jorge O.


Welcome, Brian.

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Had this juice the other night, it’s quite crisp and minerally and nice.

Possibly, but if it was Jorge, he would have said “And finishes great with a smoke and some sherry!”

Wow! There’s even a French Connection!

Did anyone watch this amazing comeback by the Colts…holy shit!

It’s quite amazing I might add! I’m throwing down some Pinot…it’s like butta!

Damn right bitch. We’ve got good tongues. [berserker.gif]

Just tasted, very un Verdejo like…rich fat…very tasty…