Sharing the love: 00 Montrose and 00 Cos d'E


This weekend I am meeting with a good friend to swap some wines, me some recent WB, he some 00 Bordeaux he bought en primeur and has had in his cellar since receiving it.

I am offering here a few bottles of the 00 Bordeaux I will be taking in at the cost value we used to value them.

So same cost to you as to me, you just have to pay for shipping from VA.

6 bottles 2000 Cos d’Estournel $210 per
4 bottles 2000 Montrose $160 per (PENDING)

Thanks for looking. As mentioned they are impeccable provenance, I have been seeing the cases in his cellar for years.

Since I am receiving Saturday I would ship Monday. Listing now so as to make this offer before the bottles get buried in the cellar.