SF Bay Area Tasting / Study Group

Again, very tentatively, I may be in the SF area from October 28-30 and possibly again for the night of November 12 as part of my rotational California trip. I’ll have other WBers and friends to organize dinners with, but would love to meet and share a glass with some of you.


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would love to get together more often than once a year for berserkerfest, so let me know if things start to come together as Im in


Looks like we have critical mass. Why don’t we just plan something!

Seems we have two groups of people here… (1) people who want to blind taste / study, and (2) people who want to do Berserker-style dinners. This thread was originally formed for the former, but I’m not opposed to the latter.

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The latter is always a good time!

+1 to the latter.

Hi All,
Kicking into this thread again as I am starting Diploma this year. Thoughts on creating a regular group?

Erin. Not in the business but would happily contribute time, effort, and bottles to a tasting group. I’ve got myself and one other non-biz person definitely interested.

Message me if that seems useful to you.

Awesome, thanks!! Will DM!

Erin - I’m still interested. I know our last effort at this sort of fell apart…