SF Bay Area/Peninsula OL - May 21 Bring CASH

Just trying to see if we should start thinking about May. I see May 14 or 21 as possible Monday dates. May 28 is Mem Day holiday…
Otherwise we can look at June.



Date - Monday May 21

Place - Paul Martin in San Mateo BRING CASH

Time - 6:30

Drinkers -

I’m away the 21st, so that would be a good choice.

Let’s have a huge Memorial Day blow out at George’s.

I’m away 5/14 but ok with other dates - 5/21, 5/28, 6/4

I’m out of town on 5/14. Pretty much open for other dates.

I like Wes’ idea.

I’m relatively new here, but I’d love to join a tasting group in SF and you guys seem to be quite interesting from what I read in older posts :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind a new face, I could do 5/14, 5/21, or 6/4. Not sure if there’s a theme, but I’ll try to bring something good [cheers.gif]

Andy, great to have you join us. Just an FYI, May is our ritual sacrifice month. Things can get a little unpredictable, let your spouse know you may be out late.

lol, she will be happy to hear I’m meeting up with a bunch of wine geeks I met online during ritual sacrifice month :wink:

Andy - also note there are two “regular” groups here, with a lot of crossover. This one meets at a few mid-peninsula spots, which tend to be close to Caltrain stops, and the other is an SF “proper” group.

Andy, about the last thing you can say about the Peninsula group is that we’re proper.

Happy to join either one or both :slight_smile:

Would be interested in joining an event in SF… but I wouldn’t know how to get my drunk ass home from the mid-peninsula. :slight_smile:

What’s the SF group? Seriously I haven’t seen one on Offline Planner. Mine are the definition of informal

Just look for threads for OLs organized in SF. I believe Joel tends to organize them. Lots of overlap with attendees, but geography is a huge factor in how frequently someone attends an OL in one region vs the other. So much so that many of the SF people may not open a Peninsula thread werein someone may be asking about organizing an SF dinner. Thus the suggestions that such inquirers begin new threads with titles that will generate the appropriate attention.

A more extreme case is Dave’s back-to-back dinners. Might be overkill for most to want to do both, plus they were SF and south bay, so even more distance, but there was zero overlap. https://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2492000#p2492000

Will try to make it out if i can!

I’m out of unicorns though so… sad times.

This will be a no-unicorn dinner. I’m lobbying for a bring your best under $30 bottle theme.

Time to bring out the narwhals.

Looks like May 21 works better - sorry Alan.
So where to?

If Alan isn’t coming let’s make it wines over $500. I’ll forget mine and be real apologetic about it.

I was just about to say if I’m not there, make it wines under $20 neener