SF Bay Area/Peninsula Offline Dec 11

Is December too busy for everyone?
Or should we plow onward?

Dec 4 or 11?


Date: Dec 11




I’m gone until the 10th, if that tilts you one way or the other.

4th it is!

I have some bottles from Steve R’s stash (remember this thread https://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=142465)

Hoping to open them for either December or January offline. Craig’s palate would be welcome, so a vote for the 11th.

I vote for the 11th. But my attendance record lately sucks!


I’m likely.

Where dis gonna be?

How about Martins West?
Haven’t been in a while.

Are we still corkage waive worthy there?

I think the only time I’ve been there was my first dinner with this group. You guys seemed, through my group-novice liberal-arts-career eyes, intimidating and aloof, except for one attendee who brought wines from the South Pole. But with time, several dinners later, I now realize you guys are merely intimidating and aloof.

Aloof is an adjective, right? Not a shower sponge thing?

We were striving for haughty. Will try to do better than just aloof next time.

My only complaint with Martins is that it is extremely loud. Can’t hear anyone not right next to you.

Good. I won’t hear Craig’s vengeful bitterness, nor his bitter vengefulness which is even worse. Not my fault his wine didn’t improve with air. I believe in second chances and I don’t give up on wine or people. Except Craig. And that wine.

We’ll be tasting the wines of Nils Venge.

Sponge worthy?

Again? That’s called…I forget.

No revenge?

We’ll serve them cold.

See thash just more of your veggie bingefulness (urp…where’s my water)

I’m in.

Iberia would be great to try, but we might need Andrew to grease the wheels since that would be our first offline there.

Fixed your typo. Whatever works.

If I was Andrew, I wouldn’t take that sitting down or lying down…not sure which with a greased pig.