SF Bay Area/peninsula Offline August 1 - Yuzu

I’m looking at July 24 or 31.
Any takers?


Date - August 1

Place - Yuzu

REMINDER: Cost with tax and 25% gratuity included - $80/person. Corkage is being comped. Everyone please bring cash and stems.

Time - the usual 6:30?

Wine theme - Craig

Wacky wackos -
Gene (+1?)
George (definitely indefinite)

I’ll take either one!

Ok cool!
Where should we go Alan?!

I’ll be out of town but I can attend via Skype

I can do the 31st.

I know the owner of Locanda Positano in San Carlos; was going to stop by this weekend and see if I can get Enzo on board for a Monday night event.

Been a few OLs since we did Yuzu. We’re always welcome to use their private room there. Although we couldn’t do a Monday event there, as they’re closed that day.

My wife did mention that she’d like to attend whenever we do Yuzu. She loves that place.

For Tuesdays, the 18th, 25th and Aug. 1st all work for me.

31st if it’s a Monday. Just the 25th and Aug 1 if it’s a Tuesday.

I can do Yuzu on a Tuzu August 1

I’ll request once again Sole

You’re the only one. [snort.gif]

I’m always a vote for Sole. Since I was the only one Dan asked, my vote should count extra.

If you’re going for the Yoda sound, I think it would be: Sole once again I’ll request.

So August 1st @ Yuzu?

I’m good with that.

Make it so.

I’m gonna start calling you “Poop”.

Can I do a George-ish thing? I have a 1981-1984 Dehlinger Pinot Noir flight I’d like to open. They might all be crap, but I’d like to give it a shot.

Make it so, Craig…