Anyone using this to monitor their cellar either by BT or preferably Wi-Fi? Looks reasonable for internet monitoring with no monthly fees.

I looked at it recently while shopping for a sensor to put in my offsite locker. Have you read through this recent thread? A lot of people are liking Netatmo, but I ended up pulling the trigger on this:

Thanks for the tips. What I think I liked about the sensorpush is that I can Bluetooth the sensor from inside the cellar to the wifingateway outside the cellar as the wifi signal inside my cellar varies.

I will stick with my Wireless Tag system over the Sensorpush. Wireless Tag is less expensive and you can buy a lot of extra tags for less than the base Sensorpush system.

With either system you will need Internet to check the data while away from home. It sucks if they ever go under, but there is no monthly monitoring fee.