Selosse 2008?

Since 2007 is the current release of the Selosse Millesime, I was a little surprised to see a pre-arrival offer for the 2009 today. Does anyone know what happened / is happening with the 2008? (lost in the Grand Cru BdB to Premier Cru Blend transition for the Millesime? “Pulling a Dom” and releasing out of order? only available in magnums along with back vintages?)


Looking through my notes, I have not sampled the 2008 pre-release, but note that it is a planned release. This is also shown on the 2007 Millesime bottle where the label shows future vintages. I would expect it to be a normal release and not just magnum only although I have learned to never assume anything with Selosse. 2004 was a great vintage in the Cote des Blancs, but Selosse only did a limited release in magnum (something he now regrets). Starting with the 2007 Millesime all bets are off on the Selosse vintage wine - different vineyards, different villages, different grapes. I would not be surprised if the 2009 comes out first, but I have not asked.

Yes, 2009 has been released this year, before the 2008. It’s really excellent, with serious structure for the long haul.

Beyond Dom Pérignon, a number of other producers released 2009 before 2009, such as Egly-Ouriet for example. Makes a lot of sense.

Cristal, as well.

BTW my recent review of the 2009 plus a feature on Selosse looking back over his career was just added to the “free-to-view” part of TWA for non-subscribers:

excellent, thank you all. can’t wait to try both…