Selecting a representative?

Lightheart Cellars is getting to the point we need to expand our sales beyond the tasting area and surrounding towns. My wife/partner and I are looking at expanding in the SF bay area initially before going downstate and out of state. Since we both have day jobs on top of viticulture and winemaking we are a bit too busy to make sales calls.

Our sense is we would benefit from a representative or firm thereof who could present our wines.

What are typical parameters of a rep agreement? Commission rates, expenses?

where does one find suitable candidates?

Anyone who is interested is welcome to contact us at

A number of the vintners/winery owners can probably give you some insight and outline some of the pitfalls. From my perspective as a retailer, if you find a smaller but reputable distributor or broker who will embrace and promote your wines, you can make some expansion. Going with the big boys, your wine can be lost in the book and the area reps may not even know they carry it. The big boys also have a tendency to discount your “unknown” wines to Costco, Wine Library, etc., when their sales staff can’t/won’t move/show your wine.

This really should be in Cellar Rats. Us pimps can’t promote your wine beyond our store/website, so we will take advantage of you or mislead you.

Thanks for the reply, had figured retailing was the place, but I can see the cellar rats for the winery owner’s perspectives.