seeking Sommelier in Maryland / D.C. area

A client of ours in the Maryland/D.C. area needs a ‘personal’ Somm to help him:

  • Organize his wine cellar
    Help present monthly events at his home for a group of people who want to learn about fine wine
    Coordinate with us the selection of building a world class cellar
    And other oppty’s to be discussed in D.C.

Any referrals will be appreciated - if you could write to me directly,

FYI I took a screenshot of this and sent it to a friend of mine. He would be a perfect fit for this

thanks, have him contact me

I apologize I am not at all tech savvy so I cannot find the person Andy Evans who referred Tim O’Hare who is Certified Sommelier and has a training school in Maryland for wine.

I spoke with Tim and passed his recommendation on to my client who as Billionaires will do, asked him to drop everything and show up the next day to do an event at his Estate.
Tim was pleased to have the opportunity and my client appreciated that someone with knowledge is willing to drop everything (he’s obviously much more obliging than I am)
so if you know Andy please tell him Thank you.