Seeking connections at wineries in Australia and New Zealand

Hello all,
My post in Cellar Rats has not yielded any responses so I am posting here to the larger audience. I am looking for a harvest internship in Australia or New Zealand in 2016. I have found a discussion topic in Cellar Rats forum about this but it is a few years old.

I am looking for Pinot and/or Riesling producers. These are my top choices right now.
Australia - Pewsey Vale (Owned by Yalumba)
New Zealand - Rippon, Mountford Estates or Felton Road

Other Australian wineries I was recommended:
Crawford River
Vickery (Eden Valley and Watervale)
Jim Barry
Pikes (The Merle is a beauty)
Leo Buring
O’Leary Walker
Frankland Estate

Thank you in advance.

Hi Vamsi,

You might be best to log into the New Zealand Winegrowers website which is
On the map you can click on Central Otago which brings you to a page with general info about the region. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and there is a list of wineries. Click on each individual winery (such as Felton Road and Rippon) and you will get their email addresses: you can then email them directly with your internship request. Felton and Rippon are both biodynamic: Burn Cottage is also farmed biodynamically. Carrick is organically farmed as are several others. Good luck…Mark