Seeking a BBQ Wine Rec

Looking for some summer BBQ wines. In the past I have been a big fan of Zins (like Hartford, Bella, Ravenswood), Cali Cab, and maybe even some new world Syrah. But, I have developed a terrible aversion to any detectable oak. Can anyone recommend Zins that arent over the top? I recently loved the Dashe Zin L’Enfant Terrible McFadden Farms. Or maybe some European wines that might work w say BBQ Chicken or Ribs?


Scherrer OMV Zin is consistently my favorite Zin, and great with BBQ, and no detectable oak. I’m also quite strongly oak-averse, so I know where you are coming from.


Glad to finally have you here! My recco is the Ridge 3 Valleys bottling. Your last BBQ lloked like a blast, sorry we couldn’t make it.

Ridge Three Valleys is a nice rec, but it was from Jorge. How about a Southern France Syrah?

Todd is on top of things. Zinfandel matches with BBQ like no other wine.

If you can’t get your hands on a Scherrer, try Carlisle, Turley or Outpost.

Mike and I will be drinking my Zins at Berserkerfest…that’s where the fun will be if ya’ll are interested.

I found the Carlisle to be a bit oaky when compared to Scherrer, so while I did still enjoy it, I couldn’t recommend it in this case.

Nice try Mike. neener

Have you tried a Petite Syrah ? Carlisle should work. Of course Champagne works extremely well with BBQ and a good LBV port is also an option.

Try some grenache. Or Grenache/Syrah or GSM blends. American or French.

I have randomly tried a few of recent entry level Turleys and they are remarkably restrained. Chambers is even selling them.

I think this would also be a good medium body BBQ wine:" onclick=";return false;

Another suggestion would be La Grapperie Adonis made from Pineau d’ Aunis. This wine needs a 1-2 hour decant. It is an awesome wine. Astor is the only place in the country that sells it:" onclick=";return false;

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How about a Southern France Syrah?

Any specific suggestions

'03 Guigal St. Joseph, which recently was being cleared out by a few retailers - that would be a great BBQ wine. An older Chapoutier Cornas would also rule pretty hard. Maybe some Perrin Les Cornuds?

I would also include Nalle and Sandler on your Zin list… [thumbs-up.gif]

What kind of price point?

I think some fairly inexpensive Gigondas would be great.

2007 Galevan CdR Parloes de Femme. Under $8 a bottle at Costco.

I always bring a good Zin to the Jalupina Grill. I love thier “grill piece” meal deal. [berserker.gif]

A Cabot Zinfandel is a superb choice for grilled meat. Superb!