Seattle Meetup - June 23rd, 5 pm, Seattle College Club


Where: Seattle College Club
When: 5 PM PST
What: Bring wine to share! Can be anything. Just in case, you may want to bring a wine glass for yourself, as well. I’ll be bringing homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Who (if anything changes let me know and I’ll take you off the list!)


I would be interested.

I’d be down! Especially now that the weather is getting so nice.

Apologies for the delay in responding. @Brian_Glas @B.Lusby I’d be down to do something sometime in June if you’re around? I’d be free anytime before 6/25.

We could meet up at a park or something and I’ll bring a cooler with some ice. Also down to grab dinner somewhere BYOB-friendly!

Sure. Where do you live? I live in North Seattle / Ravenna near Roosevelt High School

I’d be in! North Seattle

I’m down! I have availability most sundays or on a weekday evening! Near SLU/Eastlake.

I think you scared the sun away… :wink:

Sounds like fun. Hope the sun reappears soon,

Let’s do it! I’m in Interbay.

Shall we aim for Sunday, June 9th? Looks like it’ll be in the mid-70s then. We could meet at a park (Green Lake?) or a restaurant?

I’d also like to join but am not free on June 9th. I’m in the Fremont area, keep me posted.

How about Sunday, June 16th?

I can do June 16th! I’m a member at the Seattle College Club on Eastlake and happy to host there.

June 16th is Father’s day………do the 15th instead?

How about the following weekend? June 23rd?

I’m in for the 23rd

I’m in for the 23rd too

June 23rd sounds great to me. Having the event at the Seattle College Club sounds great. Thanks for offering Mr. Lusby.

Let’s do it! @B.Lusby what time would work for you / the College Club?

@lsupp , @Brian_Glas, @Brian_Be etc. - do we want to have a theme (Interesting whites? Champagne? Pinot Noir? etc.) Or bring whatever we feel like opening / sharing!

I’m fine with whatever format others want. I’m not too picky on format. If my brother was showing up I would make sure I would bring Meiomei Pinot, Caymus Cabernet, Belle Glos, etc. :slight_smile: Just kidding. Not a zoom call with him goes by without him ripping into those.