Seattle get-together - 2/11

At Peter’s last year, I promised to host something in the fall, but failed to deliver. I’m looking to make good on it now and get the Seattle crew together.

I am flexible on dates - not a lot of commitments at this time of the year. I’d prefer to do a Friday or Saturday night - just makes it a little easier to deal with the kiddos.

Theme? I know there are a lot of OR fans out there. I was thinking of expanding that to be anything OR or WA. But really, I am generally not a fan of being exclusionary. Just bring what you want and what you like.

Let me know if you’re interested and if you have a preference on date/time. Hope to see you soon.

Oh, and this:


Thanks for volunteering Ryan. I’m interested & could probably do Sat, the 11th.

I’ll make my plans around whichever date is chosen.

P Hickner

Interested. But hard to nail down with 2 little ones. Count me as tentative for both dates. Will confirm later!

Another vote for Saturday 2/11.
The wife and I are attending a concert on the 10th, and we’d hate to miss this!

Thank you for organizing this, Ryan!

Thanks a lot for hosting, Ryan! I can make the 10th but not the 11th.



Lauren and I are attending a memorial on the 11th in Olympia but would be happy to join on the 10th.

10th easier for me, Mrs. BDay dinner next day

Well you guys are not making this an easy decision. I sent out a few PMs - I’ll wait to see if anyone else weighs in before I pick a date.

I’m okay for either actually. See, some of us can be flexible.

We’re away the next week, so better timing than the last go round.
Be careful, or i’ll bring my 1 bottle of WA wine that a friend left at my house 4 years ago.
Actually not true, I have some Analemma that I’m pretty sure is from the other side of the river.
In any case, happy to try some WA wines selected by geeks, I don’t get a lot of opportunity.

Prefer 11th. 10th might work but prefer 11 if given a choice… Sat in general is easier than going home after work then going out again on a week/work day.

Thanks for putting this on Ryan! Both days will work.

OK, looks like it’s pretty evenly split. Let’s go with Saturday the 11th. I’ll provide more details in the next week or so.

Sounds like a good time! I should be able to make it. I have a WSET exam the next day but I feel pretty good about it.

I’ve never done an offline before. We all just bring something (WA or OR in this case), share, and enjoy? Is there a secret handshake I should be practicing?

Shame it’s not on the 10th, I was dusting off some Thomas :slight_smile:

Chris - Yeah, that’s about it - things will be casual. No secret handshake required. Just a chance to get together with other Berserkers and enjoy some good wine (and hopefully some good food if I can decide what to make). This is not like a formal tasting group where people are super serious about the whole thing.

Also - for everybody - I forgot to mention, your significant other is welcome - whether they are a wine geek or not. My wife, while she enjoys wine, is not.

Del, that is a shame… next time!

Thank you, Ryan!
Now you just gave me a reason to look forward to February!

Hey Ryan – I am hoping to come on the 11th and may bring my wife. We have some family stuff planned already but I am trying to move things around so we can attend. I can bring an 2008 Cameron Nebbiolo and a 2010 Matello Richard’s chard. I also have some other geeky stuff I could bring.

Ron - I hope you are able to make it. Those wines sound fantastic! I have heard of the Cameron Nebbiolo, but have never had a chance to try it.


Be sure to PM your address to all of us.
My wife will probably attend. It sounds like PNW is the theme, so I’ll bring a wine from WA and OR, and maybe BC.

P Hickner