Seattle and Eastside Corkage

Purple Cafe- no corkage on 1st bottle if you buy a bottle off the list.
Wild Ginger- $25
Lola $15
Boat Street Cafe $20, 2 bottle limit
Bastille $25
A Caprice Kitchen $12
SpringHill $20
Cascina Spinasse $25
Staple & Fancy$25
Book Bindery$20
Stumbling Goat$15

Eastside (Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond)

Purple Cafe- no corkage on 1st bottle if you buy a bottle off the list.
Cafe Juanita $25

Cascina Spinasse $25
Cafe Juanita $25
Szechuan Chef $10

Lola $15
Boat Street Cafe $20, 2 bottle limit
Bastille $25
A Caprice Kitchen $12

Stumbling Goat Bistro (Phinney/Greenwood) $15

Anyone know the policy at Luc? (I know I can pick up the phone, but I am being lazy…)

Staple and Fancy $25.

Luc, $15. As with anywhere the wine can’t be on the list.

We happened to order another bottle, and they didn;t actually charge us corkage on the one bottle we brought. Not sure if that is policy or just waitstaff being friendly.

BTW, they serve on heck of a good burger and fries.

Tilth $20

Hadn’t been for over like a year and a half. Food was solid, good. Portions/value seemed a bit better. They have a tasting menu and pairings now too.

Book Bindery $20

We had a better impression over all than the Mark Ye notes. Maybe comes down to expectations? Thought the food was as good or better than Dahlia, Zoe and priced similarly. Definitely not attempting to be Per Se, or Michael Mina class. A little fancier/fine cuisine than How to Cook a Wolf, Tavolata (reportedly he was on the opening staff at both of those), Staple & Fancy.

Tamarind Tree $15.00

Barolo in DT Sea. $25. Often waived if you buy a bottle with the exception of special events

How is Altura with corkage? I’m headed there for the first time in May.

  • Restaurant Zoe (Capitol Hill) = $20/bottle for up to 2 bottles. Bonus = No corkage fee on Sundays.

Updated 3/5/16: Restaurant Zoe is no more, as it recently converted to an events-only destination known as Zoe Events.

Canlis $10 per person, but they dont allow you to bring bottle that they have on their list. check out their website to be sure.

It was super cheap for me as my wife did not drink. I dont think there are any other restaurant that offers $10 corkage fee :smiley:

Lark at their new location is $30/bottle limit 2 and they were total dicks about it when I mentioned that it was the highest I’d seen in town. Too many good restaurants to deal with jerks so I hope they feel like berating me for mentioning it was worth losing 4 repeat customers over.

To clarify… it’s $10 per person, PER BOTTLE.

so theoretically if 10 people brought 10 bottles in… each bottle would be $100 (total is $1K).

More reasonably if 6 people went out and brought 3 bottles, you’d pay $60 per bottle for 3 bottles = $180.

their model works the best with 2 people, 1 bottle, and where only 1 person drinks :wink:

As I recall, Purple charges no corkage. No need to buy one off their list, last time I was there 10-12 months ago.
Phil Jones

Called Purple recently to confirm their corkage fee policy, and they indicated that they do not charge corkage if they don’t have the wine you’re bringing. Oddly, unlike many restaurants who quite understandably refuse corkage if they sell the wine, they said they do charge corkage on (and yet still accept) wines they already have.

I find that to be remarkable and more than understandable. I’ve always considered (and still consider) it tacky to bring a wine that a restaurant offers on its own.

Thanks everyone for this information! Very helpful! My buddy was at Canlis recently and had brought a Wallah Wallah #4 mag, which apparently they had on the list and they were okay opening it for him…

Folks, I need some help. I’m returning to Washington to see some old & dear friends that are not close to Seattle. Does anyone know of any good restaurants in Olympia that also allows Corkage? Or maybe one with a good wine list?

Absolutely. La Petite Maison is owned and operated by Chef Justin Wells and his wife Zoe. Justin occasionally posts here and is a serious wino. They have a good wine list and I believe he allows corkage as well, but I don’t know the details.