Season for Rosés

So with the weather warming up in So Cal, I have been trying to bone up on my roses. So far, I’ve been impressed with Whispering Angel out of Cote du Franc as well as the Cargasacchi rose. Wasnt as impressed with the new relese of Stemmler’s rose.

What is everyone else stocking up on to beat the summer heat?

I have bought every '08 rosé I’ve seen so far, which has been-- hmm-- three bottles? SO much of what’s on the shelves is leftover 07s. I might try a few, but I love the freshness of brand new rosé.

My favorite by a mile so far this year is the Phelps Creek “Fleur de Roy” Rosé of Pinot Noir. Absolutely delicious stuff! The one I’m awaiting most anxiously is Basque… Getariarko Rubentis Txakolina. If the '08 is anything like the '07, I plan to drink it pretty much constantly from May through September!

Cheers! Welcome to the board. [cheers.gif]

2007 Tempier Bandol Rosé. Fantastic rosé. The best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many.

I bought a case of 2008 Lucia Lucy Rosé, and a case of 2008 Copain Tous Ensemble Rosé. That should get us through June I hope!

Kent, have you tasted them yet? If so, what are they like?

Locally here, I love the L’Avenutre rose’s; a cab rose’ and a cab/syrah rose’. I believe they are normally bottled in June–a little expensive, but oh so nice, complex and refreshing. I will be eagerly watching the recommendations here so I can stock up with confidence when I see your rec’s in our local stores.

Slowly working thru my last stash of the 06 Kutch Rose. Sad to hear that Jamie is not making these anymore.

I tasted the '08 Dry Rosé from Scherrer Winery last weekend, and it’s really good. A blend of Zin and Pinot saignée that’s very tasty and refreshing.

Not even close! [cheers.gif]

I couldn’t agree with you more. And the Ott Bandol–maybe I just love the pretty bottle, though?

And of course, Pali’s Sunset rose!

I have not had either yet. I buy Lucy every year, and it’s fairly consistent. Always a nice strawberry tone, some tartness and a nice dry balance. I thought last year was a little muted compared to the 06, so we’ll see how the 08 does. I bought the Copain simply because I want to see what Wells does with a rosé. Both cases are waiting for me to pick them up in a locker in Chicago, so it will be a couple of weeks before I can get my hands on them.

Well, I didn’t factor in one of our “accidental parties”, in which case I’m not sure I have enough for the night!

We just had the 08 Lynmar Pinot Noir Rose and it was terrific. Strawberry/watermelon, a little spice, super crisp and very tasty.

I haven’t had the 08 version of Chateau Puligny Montrachet’s Rose but the last two vintages have been terrific. Only disappointment has been the price increase…the 06 was amazing at $13, the 07 came out closer to $20. But still a terrific Rose and I’ll be picking up an 08 soon.

I bought three of the 08’s from the winery and they are not cheap: $25/bottle. Very enjoyable… just a little more than I would like to pay.

And I bought some of Shane’s 08… had one a while ago, and decided to get a six pack (which will last me until May 15th)

I’ll hopefully have a chance to try a bunch of them this Fri at the Rhone Rose lunch at HdR . . . anyone else going?!?!?!?

Will bring a bottle or two of my recently bottlled 08 Grenache/Mourvedre Rose . . . .


If I play my cards right, I should be there [beg.gif]

Can’t call this “pimping” if its readily available right?
Raffault 2008 Chinon Rose for the el-cheapo delicious-o (that a word? lol)