SeaSmoke 2013 is Live

just hit my box

Anybody tried them?

It was nice to see that my allocation included “Botella” and Magnums of “Ten”.

Only 3 posts for a SS release
Lo how the mighty have fallen.

Good thing for Steve’s post - I had missed the release email two weeks ago and my allocation window had closed. But I contacted them and they made it work.

Bought two Botella, four Southing, one Southing magnum. I’m comfortable being uncool.

This was one of my first “mailing list” purchases. They did not ship to my state so I shipped the wines to my dad. He brought them to me a few weeks after arrival and left them at my house. When I opened the box a few days later, there was a dated 10 oz. glass bottle of Coca Cola in one of the bottle spaces in the styro shipper. I laughed thinking that my dad included it as a joke. Turns out, he had no idea about the wine but was just returning to me something from my room I lived in as a child where I had collected some original Coca cola bottles.

I enjoyed the wines but the shipping was a hassle so my account went dormant.

Curious as to what the current pricing is for these releases? I’m curious whether they are continuing to inch up or not . . .


2013 Sea Smoke ‘Botella’ Pinot Noir
Price : $42.00

2013 Sea Smoke ‘Southing’ Pinot Noir
Price : $60.00

2013 Sea Smoke ‘Ten’ Pinot Noir
Price : $82.00

are these wine club prices? Are they different prices for wine club members vs non members?

I’m not aware of any club

Larry, these are just mailing list prices I think. And while SS is not my cup of whatever, I can really admire the fact that these are about the same prices from when I was on the list 4 or 5 years ago.

I have ordered from them 3 years running now, and didn’t get any kind of email announcing the release this year. I don’t know what gives. . . maybe because I passed on the late allocation of the sparkler last fall?

Really what happened was they made my decision on whether to buy or not really easy.

Agreed entirely. I was surprised to see pricing holding steady, especially with so many others around here constantly raising prices. I do believe production is up as they’ve planted more acres, but still, it’s nice to see the pricing hold.

Any tasting notes on the recent vintage? Just curious to see the path that Don Schroeder is taking . . .


Not sure, and relatively new to the Sea Smoke list, but my impression is that they have a staggered release so that people higher up the priority list (based on their points system) get first crack at offerings. If there’s wine left after that, then it goes to the next tranche and so on.

Perhaps someone who has received the offer (I have not, despite having received an allocation last year) can confirm whether there is a time limit to place the order.

Per my allocation email:

To reserve your allocation, please login to your membership page at within two (2) weeks. Upon expiration, unclaimed allocations will be reassigned to members of our waiting list.

Same exact thing happened to me. I had zero interested in the fall allocation. I have emailed them twice concerning this latest release. Would be nice to get a response.

I didn’t order anything in the fall and received my allocation about a month ago. So who knows? Maybe they are just going down the list.

I recently had a bottle of the sparkler. Really well done.

I got my allocation today in what must be the second wave. Pretty large, but no Botella.

10 Southing
8 Ten
1 Mag of each
6 Chard

Got mine as well. Same allocation. It appears its not first come first served but a 2 week guaranteed allocation window.

Although at least for me some say “quantities limited” - not sure if that means within the 2 week window it’s first come first served.