Searching only checks text and not subject?

I tried searching on Marguet to find a TN I posted recently and it didn’t come up. I remembered I used the terms cucumber and melon in the TN and searching on that brought up the post.

Am I doing something wrong or are the subjects really not included when you search?

I searched Marguet and cucumber and two results appeared - this thread and your note/thread from 5 days ago - TN: 2017 Marguet Champagne Grand Cru Ambonnay Rosé

Guessing autocorrect changed the word Marguet on you, or you misspelled it

But did you search on Marguet by itself? That’s when I don’t see the note

There’s a zillion results with the term Marguet, Jay

If you search JUST that term, you’d want to then select ‘latest post’ in ‘sort by’, as it defaults to ‘relevance’, and with hundreds of results, you’d be scrolling a while (@Tom_G_l_a_s_g_o_w has a photo to illustrate)

you’re absolutely right.

I only get 3 results but I didn’t scroll down to the More… at the bottom.

Now I see everything.

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A while back you said you had changed the search results to display by latest posted. But mine still come up by relevance, and I have to manually redo the search and change to latest. Have I missed a preference or setting I can change in my account?

It’s still set that way

Note it says ‘if searching your large forum is slow…’ so maybe some of those searches are fast, so they don’t show the latest first. Site’s too fast, dammit!!

Most of the time mine seems to default to latest, but not all the time