SE US Coast for mid-March, Recos?

My spring break is in mid-March. We’ve gone to the Miami area a few times, but we are looking for something a little less congested. Any thoughts about anything from MD around to NOLA that would have a nice beach and enough to do, esp. without having to drive everywhere? Also, not too crowded or expensive.

Charleston SC area. Town or beach island offerings.

That’s one we’ve thought about. Anyone know current conditions after the big storm?

Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful city. Lots of interesting things to do.
I also hear Tybee Island is nice for its beaches.

Savannah is a great city as is Charleston. We went from Savannah to Tybee Island one day in the middle of the summer 2014 and couldn’t find a place to park. Granted, it was a beautiful, hot day so I imagine that was the reason we couldn’t find a parking space.

There is always Hilton Head, though HH isn’t inexpensive.

We went to Savannah in mid-March some years ago. Weather was great but it turned out Savannah has a huge St Patrick’s day celebration each year. The place was over run with college kids.!!!

Just what the Professor wants! Mid-March Spring Break! St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, definitely a student-free environment is desirable.

Naples FL. Or Marco island.
Or Delray Beach FL

Ken, average mid-March daily high temp is only 70°F for both Savannah and Pensacola.

If you want decent beach time I think you might have to look more towards Southern Florida, by comparison the average mid-March daily high for Orlando is 76°F and Fort Lauderdale is 80°F.

Siesta/Longboat Key, FL

Charleston and area beaches ,Edisto, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island all good …further north, Pawley’s Island, Garden City and Surfside…more congested, but good beaches, Myrtle Beach and NMB, OD etc…Hilton Head good also, pick and choose re expense.

Well, we’re going to Ft. Lauderdale. Hopefully our hotel is pricey enough to keep out the students. :wink:

And if you walk on the beach you should have interesting people (student) watching.

Stop by The Wine Watch for your wine needs, if you can find it. Really great selection.

My mom lives in Georgia, and Tybee is THE place to be for the beach experience.

Certainly not the coast but definitely the Southeast. :slight_smile: Anybody been here?