Screaming Eagle/Jonata second wine. Delicious and cheap.

I have been permitted to purchase a case of wine made by Matt Dees from Jonata that contains normally sold juice from Screaming Eagle and 2nd wine from Jonata. The wine is all 06 grapes containing unspecified quantities of Cab Sav, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and a small quantity of Sangiovese all Estate grown.
Pop and Pour. In the glass a rich purple hue to the rim. Very floral with notes of acacia flowers, very dark fruits and spice. The wine is clearly young but wonderfully made. Some tannins that need to shed but I doubt this case will last the summer. I hope they sell me 2 cases of the 07 next year. The wine is sold primarily to restaurants for their lists and not to members of either list. The pedigree of this wine is very alluring and sick considering the price.
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I guess to prevent the obvious, I should add that the wine is no longer available.

Nice note Jack. How much did the wine sell for?

$300 a case deliverd.

Jonata makes a most amazing SB, truly special wine.


Next time, alert the Berserkercrew!

yeah, you big tease!

Todd sorry, but because of the limited availabilty,I was asked not to. [cry.gif]

But hundreds of people here asked the opposite!

We can take 'em!

Todd, I was only offered my case after all distributor orders had been fulfilled. The Wine Company that sells this wine which is not Jonata, does not seek hundreds of buyers of the wine simply because it contains a portion of unused SE grapes. They want to sell it as they invision it, a well priced retaurant list wine that is perfect for that intended purpose. Sorry. If anyone sees the wine in a restaurant list it is called “The Pairing”. Try it.

Sounds so good, I am frustrated I cannot find any, Jack! headbang

Hi Jack,

I also live out here in Scottsdale.

Do you have any idea of which restaurants out here carry it? I would love to try some!


Chris, Jonata just secured a local distributor in AZ so I doubt that the wine appears here yet.
Better yet, come to one of the wine dinners at my Culinary Festival on April 17 or 18th and taste their flagship wines.
Otto Dobre did last year and he is still chatting about them.

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Thanks Jack, we make it to the festival every year. Any recommendations on certain events we need to secure tickets for now?

The two events I listed above. Jonata’s restaurant tables are now nearly sold out. Matt Dees will be there presenting the wines this year.

Chris, the event is truly first class. Jack and all the people organizing will spare nothing for the attendees. Mel and I had a great time. I was ready to attend this year’s event, but some unexpected outlays just did not permit me.

We had someone from Jonata stop here a couple months ago and pour all the wines for us and tell me this is the kind of place they would like to see their wines and they don’t typically offer them to retail. I told him I was interested in several of them. He was going call when he got back to the winery after checking availability, haven’t heard from him since. Dammit !

Both of these things are no longer true." onclick=";return false;

Just got that as well. Juice going back to 2005…hmmm, difficult to move that $100 wine from the Central Coast?

And it looks like from what they told Jack as to their intentions, this stuff wasn’t selling too well to restaurants at the current pricing.

Anyone (besides Jack) try this? $25 a bottle and free shipping per case?