Scotch Hunter: JW Blue @ Costco $119.99 750ml

Seems like a good price and the best I saw via google shopping.

After the instant MFR rebate taken at the register it comes down to the $119 price point. Regular price is $149 IIRC. I grabbed one, good to have on hand for special occasions; sale is good through 7/7/10.

aka: we just drank a ton of wine, it’s 1am and were in my kitchen…Zach, go get the JW blue! hahah

Last two bottles I have had were bad at any price.


Agree (more mildly) with Richard, not my cup of tea, will prefer a single malt, but that IS a terrific price.

Tyler, I saw it in San Diego for $125, it had a $25 rebate. I was tempted, but did not bite. Funny thing is that I would be a buyer for $5 less!!! [wow.gif]