Schoolhouse at Cannondale 5 Wilton Ct. RESCHEDULED

I have done offlines for the last 5 years at this restaurant in Wilton. We usually bring cult cabs SQN QC or various bordeaux. Btls generally rang in the $100 plus range. The corkage has always been reasonable generally in the $15 per person. We will keep the gathering to a maximum of 10 people to ensure generous pours.

I will bring a btl of SQN B20 Syrah and a bubbly to start.

Would like to do this on Saturday june 18th

Anyone interested ??

Interested Attendees:

  1. Jonathan: SQN B-20 Syrah + bubbly tbd
  2. Andrew +1
  3. Joe and Jane
  4. Marchello +1
  5. Chris

Looks like we are almost full, however please post if you are interested as we do not have 100% confirmation from everyone

Hi JS,

Nice to see you finally made it to WineBerserkers. Welcome. [cheers.gif]

I live in that neck of the woods and would love to attend if possible. In June for me, I know the 11th doesnt work. Think open all others. May have a buddy with interest.

Thanks for the kind welcome Dan - hope all is well with you…

Andrew- you are more than welcome to join in, I will put you down as well as a guest

Hi Jonathan -

I’m down in Greenwich and definitely have an interest. Please keep me in the loop.

Depending on the date I would be interested.
My cellar is quite varied so I would be open to suggestions on what to bring.
I am about an hour from Wilton [thumbs-up.gif]

How many of us will be bringing someone ? Please post or email me if you are plus one. As for dates how does Saturday June 18th work for everyone ? If people could attend for either the 18th or 25th that would be fine for me…

Thanks for clarifying as to bringing spouses, etc. Makes my life easier. June 18th works well for me, and I will be with my wife Jane. Thanks Jonathan.

Lets go for June 18th as a date, since for those already responding this seems to work.

Seeing Eddie Vedder in Hartford the 18th so that would be a no go for me. If another date is chosen let me know. Enjoy!

Depending on the date wife and I are up for it.

Drew - Looks like June 18th has emerged as the date. Hopefully that works for you.

Hey Drew

Good to hear you are still alive and kicking…

Can you and your bride make the 18th ?

This looks interesting. What time do you think you will start?

Hi Marchello

It will most likely start at 7pm or 7:30 as some of us {including myself} are coming from an hour away

Checking with my buddy if he can make June 18th. Our wives may want to come though…the good news is they arent big drinkers but we’ll bring some good whites to make up for it if they can be squeezed in!

Sorry but I have to miss this one. It’s my wedding anniversary

Steve sorry you cant make this one, perhaps next time.

I wish you and kathy a very happy anniversary, we will raise a glass to you. [cheers.gif]

Looks like it works. I will have to find some mind blowing stuff

oops thats fathers day weekend, not going to be able to make that. SORRY