Scholium Project 08 Marcher Sûr La Lune

I am remiss and apparently have never posted a real note about this Verdelho Abe made long ago. I’m down to one bottle left but we uncorked a really well cared-for example last night. Wine accompanied great two-inch thick Ahi from Mexico and Mel made this relish/ghee reduction using Espanola Chili Peppers (1500-2000 Scovilies) farmed just E of Coquille, OR. Kick azz meal.

This wine opened cold with a beautiful young color and it was just a light, lovely Verdelho. Over time open in glasses wine got way more golden and took on notes of butterscotch and very mild nuttiness. Umami a big part of wine’s appeal and with the spicy food the EtOH did come out and shine; almost a liquor kind of attack with the peppers. Once the food was gone palate calmed down and this characteristic disappeared.

Abe was never a big cheerleader for this wine; Graeme told me that was because it was simply delicious in its youth. We hope our last bottle shows like this but you know how that goes.

sounds like a fun wine doc.