scholium offer

i think i will jump in again
i always like the whites

any tn’s?
i don’t mind freaky/geeky stuff from abe

They are strange, but interesting. I might grab a couple.

Read the email. Excited to sit down and read the whole offering. Love Abe’s wines. No secret there. Just have to figure out what to order.

how is the pricing? up? down? the same?

Only 2 unique wines in the offer – and only one holdover – the Lost Slough Naucratis. Pricing for that is the same as last year ($20). The 09 Rhododactylos is a new mailing list release and is $24. Finally, there is a “moving sale” two pack for $90 – which is essentially the combined original release price of the two wines in the pack.


I’ll take my Glos bottles and a few others. Not the Guman. $80 is a bit steep.

I skipped the last offering because I was “repositioning” my cellar. I took an assorted case of this year’s offering. I always enjoy Abe’s whites. They are admittedly oddballs, like the Cena that was a dry botrytis sauvignon blanc. But I love the willingness to experiment and I will open each new version with greater anticipation than almost any other wine. There is some risk - although I have enjoyed all of them I have not necessarily liked every one of them - but I would rather try something new than have the same wine every week.

That reminds me. We’ve talked about an all-Scholium OL to try as many of his wines as possible, but we’ve never gotten to the planning stage. Anyone want to play? I’m thinking Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at Peking Duck House in Manhattan. Zero corkage on Wednesdays. It’s my pre-60th Birthday. I’ll be 59.

No TNs, but I generally love the Naucratis

I got one of everything because my wife enjoys trying wacky things.

We will be buyers…

Glenn, nothing at all wrong with that pic.

Got some of everything with my order, including the moving sale.

Picked up a couple of both whites… always like the unique tastes and haven’t been disappointed yet!

Had the unique and wonderful experience of tasting recent Scholium and Tenbrink wines with Abe and the Tenbrinks. The 09 Naucratis, I can reasonably assure you, is very similar to the 08, i.e. fans of the 08 will likely dig this one just as much. At $20, a very good bet for getting your Scholium fix without busting the budget. Also, note that Abe really ramped up production of Naucratis this year, so there’s more to go around.

BTW, off-topic, but I sincerely hope that people who enjoy Abe’s wines will check out Tenbrink as well. Groovy, salt-of-the earth wines from groovy, salt-of-the-earth people.

We also had a tasting with him in the last year. I didn’t take formal notes but remember thaem well. He is a very interesting guy and fun to taste with. Luckily, many of their wines come to Florida through their distributor and I won’t have to commit to another mailing list.

I did buy a mixed 6
of interest I had a 05 gemella lost slough last night.
Fig and melon nose, the fruit has run away on the palate.
She has faded away. Drink em if you got em

with the low fruit/ high intellect profile of these whites, a mixed 6 is probably enough for me.
I would like to be astounded by an aged white, bit not yet

I picked up one of each of the whites. It’s my first purchase from them. More and more I am getting tired of the same old same old Increasingly I’m looking for the unique and different. These wines seem like they fit the bill. I’m looking forward to opening these more than my 07 Scarecrow.

I’m in Orange County, CA. Anyone who wants to do a tasting and BYOB some SP wines, please ping me. I’ll host and cook.

Anyone going Sunday to the pick-up event? We will be there.

Absolutely terrific event with Abe & Co pouring a ton of vino. Lots of folks took advantage of this temperate Sunday to imbibe the new stuff and check out some library bottles. Coolest wine IMO was The 05 Cena (want sum bad!) but the always glorious School of The Plains was much appreciated too. Glos vertical was pretty cool and Abe has a 2009 Sonoma Cab in barrel that takes one back in time to a land where Cab is not spoofilated beyond recognition and the EtOH is, hold on to your hats, 12 1/2 % - no shit! I will say my prayers nightly this comes in @ a nice pricepoint and I’ll back up my Highlander.

Really nice to meet Nathan there with his lovely children.