Scarecrow - New Release - MERGED

March 2010

100 points
should be fun…let the games begin
oh yeah!


From who? Which vintage?

I’ll be buying whatever they offer me.

I will GLADLY buy if anyone is passing! PM me.

Subject : Re: Scarecrow
It will be the 2007

Inquiring minds want to know. +1

Only 92-94 for 2008, though. PWNED!

How in the world are they going to offer wine to everyone. With the way their production has been declining, are they going to do 2 bottle allocations?

hope we get 3 this year

Member we had the '06 in the OC…hotel room UFC? Tasted like graham crackers.

And that’s being kind. If I was allocated this it would be…


I have been on the “waiting list” for two years. Had it once in NYC at a restaurant and it was rather good, but was young and didn’t have enough decant time.

I finally got my first order of Futo. that is another excellent wine.

cinnamon coated?

what are chances of price increase due to 100pts?

Great question. They were the folks that sent a letter a year or two ago warning against the dangers of flipping after all.


You mean an increase beyond the established $25 per year uptick?

We’ve been on the list for a couple years as well, but doubt we’ll get an allocation. We’ll see! Can only pray! Thankfully a board member here has been kind enough to share his '05 and '06’s with us! -mJ

I feel like I’m the only one around these parts that simply doesn’t understand this thread. At all.

How so? That there is still a craze for an almost $200 btl of wine because it’s 100 pts for a wine with a short history and any other wines with no pts in that price range is flamed ?

Eh, something like that. I mean, call me when RMP drops 101 on this wine.