Scarecrow and Etien Offer Open

1 3 pack for $750 and 3 2 packs of the Etien. Offer for me open to March 10. I am on the fence. Have to speak to the boss about the same.

Are they offering 2009 Tin Man? If so, I’ve had that wine twice, and both times it was sex in a bottle! I haven’t had the 2009 Scarecrow.

Yep - leftovers from the Fall offer, as it were.

I’m away from home so haven’t seen the mail.
GEEZ, ANOTHER price increase?
[head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif]

Really? First time I hear someone say anything like that. Glad to hear it, I own some, but the reviews so far had been less than stellar…

Interesting that the CT notes on it are stellar to say the least. I don’t know the reviewers, so I don’t have much to go on, but it would appear to be a hit.

I have bought the Tin Man and Scarecrow from the last 2 years, still no offer here yet. When was / is the first wave?

I’ve purchased two past two years as well and both times my allocations were available starting March 11. So that’s what I’m anticipating this time around as well. So that should give you all in my wave an indicator.

You know, assumptions will always do it…I had let one of my buddies take one fo the two packs. He is into the packaging I guess since I know he hadnt tried Scarecrow. He texted me that it was “eh!” And Id read a note or two here saying the same thing. Never actually went and looked at CT :wink:

I had the 08 Scarecrow at the beginning of October last year and then the 09 Etain at New Years. My CT notes have the 08 Crow at a 91 and the 09 Etain at a 96, but regardless of my novice scoring, the Etain was the WOTN for everyone at the New Years gathering (10 ppl, though only a couple really into wine), among a pretty nice lineup. It’s big fruit and big tannins, but I thought very well balanced now…I’m not sold on the age worthiness of it though; it didn’t need much time in the decanter and seems like age might actually throw it out of balance.

I have only had that one bottle of the Etain so far, but between a buddy and I have another five laying down and will get into those. FWIW, drinking the 2009 Etain convinced me to order my 09 Scarecrow, the 2008 Scarecrow did not.

1st wave is 3/1 to 3/10

I have had about 6 bottles of the 2009 Etain in the past three months and it amazing stuff. Im excited to buy this again.

Just to give you a heads up, I got the offer today for order 3/13-3/23. Guessing that’s still wave 2. Who knows.

no card for me yet–I’ve also bought both for the last two years.
Probably passing though. Pissed off at the new price

Maybe i am old fashioned but sex in a bottle doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Actually, kind of painful. [snort.gif] [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the info john and jeb

If anyone wants my 3-pack at cost, PM me. I think I have until tomorrow to order1

Did you get a card or email? I bought the past two years and still haven’t heard anything…


Well, the wine is pretty ripe and forward, but it’s balanced. I could understand how the wine isn’t for everybody (like Washington Syrah), but I liked it a lot.