Scallops with Arugula & Pine Nut Pesto on Fettucine

Tonight’s dinner was a dozen U/10 scallops sautéed in Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and seasoned with garlic, SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning, & Key Lime Pepper. These were placed atop saffron fettucine sauced with the scallop juices de-glazed with dry vermouth, Bella Cucina Arugula & Pine Nut Pesto, and additional grated Parmigiano Reggiano. This made a tasty combination with an unexpected wine - a 2005 Domaine Gerard Millet Menetou-Salon, dry Loire Sauvignon Blanc - pale yellow in color; good nose and flavors of minerally white flowers and fruits; spicy mid-palate with good acidity; and a surprisingly long, spicy, minerally fruit finish.

I’d initially gone to the cellar for a Grüner Veltliner, because of the arugula. No Gruvee in sight, so I went for the Loires, and came up with this. It turned out to be an inspired choice.

No dessert tonight, since we’re full with the pasta.

Glad it worked out, Dick. I’ve never understood the excitement about grüner beyond it being a relatively new phenomenon.

seafood and white wines on this snowy April day? Bring on the CdP! Ports! Duck! Lamb!


We only had four to five inches of snow and a fire in the fireplace. It made an enjoyable dinner looking out at the snow-covered moutains, trees, and houses.

Besides tonight we’ll have lamb.


There are a lot of insipid GVs, but there are also a lot of good ones with unique flavor profile that matches some hard to match foods. And we’ve been drinking it for years.