Say "GOODBYE' to coravin capsules

Is this thing legal…not covered under current patents?

Is this thing legal…not covered under current patents?

I’m reluctant to comment specifically as I am a practicing patent attorney. But I will say the following:

It seems from this thread that the user still has to purchase a Coravin device at retail to use with the modified gas source.

There is a concept in patent law called “patent exhaustion” that limits the extent to which patent holders can control an individual article of a patented product after an authorized sale. If anybody wants some light reading, suggest looking up some commentary about the Supreme Court’s 2017 decision regarding this concept in Lexmark.

I am not sure if they have a patent that specifically covers some aspect of the cylinder that the maker had to replicate (i.e., one that may not be exhausted by the retail sale of the device – think of the K-Cup).

Very interesting! :slight_smile:

What’s a cool idea. Maybe more suitable for commercial use though

Wonderful idea. Clearly a boon for wine bars/restaurants, but also the consumer who enjoys wine each night. As someone who would like to have open 4-8 wines at any given time (for variety on hand) I think tis is wonderful!

QUESTION: Now that your invention has had some time for real world testing have you found any drawbacks? Is the pressure of the tank greater than that pf the capsules - such that seals or internals would have the potential to leak? Or worse? Any cons?

Great question: The only real draw back would be the portability, having a hose and cylinder attached to it. A argon cartridge has 2600 psi and
is converted by the Coravin to 25 psi. My Argon adapter has a 2200 psi cylinder and I have install a preset regulator to 75psi. The 75 psi regulator
is used for safety. If the hose is cut or disconnected there is no chance of it flying around. Have you ever seen a fire hose get away !!!
Using a 75psi regulator does slow down the flow of wine from the Coravin, It adds aprox. 2 seconds more to a 6 oz pour. 1 note: you can speed up the flow of the coravin by holding the argon release button for a few seconds. The major benefit is if you are pouring from a 20CF or larger cylinder at a pennys a glass. Using one cartridge a week, it will pay for itself in less then a year !!!

I have been trying to figure out a way to increase the psi on the regulator to speed it up the flow and found out that a slightly stiffer hose allows me
increase my psi to 150-175 without any hose whip if hose comes loose or cut. Same flow speed as coravin No draw back now.

How’s the flexibility of the stiffer hose compared with the one you’ve been using… and would length affect the pressure delivered to the Coravin?

John…How’s the flexibility of the stiffer hose (ease of movement) compared with the one you’ve been using… and would length affect the pressure delivered to the Coravin?

Hi Peter, the hose I have been using for the last couple of months is the one I tested at the higher pressure.
The delivery pressure loss for hose under 10 feet is negligible at the worst is would be 1 psi every 2 feet. Higher
pressure drops happen after 30 feet. Called dirty 30.

This is the coolest freaking thing… been wanting to save on these damn cylinders for a while now. Thought of printing an adapter for it but have not gotten round to it. It’s in my watchlist on eBay now!

There is a few issues with printing just the adapter. #1 is sealing it so it doesn’t leak. I tried around 15 different filament and all leak.
#2 finding a non toxic sealer that can be used. My Product and stainless steel. Lead free brass and food grade materials. The hardest
part was making it non toxic.

John just replaced the regulator on our unit with the 150psi model. We are now very happy campers with the Coravin working at pretty much the same flow rate it did with capsules… and NO CAPSULES TO REPLACE!!!

There are cheaper ones on Amazon than the Coravin capsules.

Its not at all difficult to build your own Coravin adapter. I spent less than $20 on pieces not including bottle, regulator, and hose quick connect. The only fab work was drilling out the cartridge holder and tapping some threads in a stainless pipe nipple. I guess I should take some photos and post.

If the Coravin limits the pressure to 25 psig, why do you need 150 psig to get the same flow rate?


Coravin uses a 2 stage regulator . It takes a specific pressure to open the first stage. At the flow rate I’m using that psi works for me.

looks great! I’ve been to a restaurant that had a similar setup attached to one of those full size 5 ft tall tanks.

I’ve been using a similar setup for some time and it works great.