Saxum Save The Date July 9th


First, you can miss an offering and still get an allocation.

Second, the difference between Saxum and everyone else in Paso is not that great. Booker, L’Aventure, Epoch, LC, Turtle Rock, and Ledge have pushed their prices to $85 to $100 and sometimes more. And you pay some stiff shipping charges. So maybe a little cheaper than Saxum, but not Saxum.

Andremily and Alban Reva are definitely in the same league and their pricing (with shipping cost) is right there with Saxum. I’m only talking Alban Reva, not Pandora or Lorraine.

There are still a few good producers in the $50-$70 range, like Jada and Jaffurs, but not many.


Saxum makes the best Paso white wine. Then Tablas. Any others you can recommend?

Curious as to why you believe this is the case? What is it about their whites that are so special and more special than any other Wines from the region?

Just my personal experience. I admit it has been four to five years since I have tried many other Paso whites though.

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Despite ordering last offering looks like I got pushed back another week to the third wave and will only have a couple 2022 wines offered. Probably opting out this round.

Third wave -What is that date? I thought there were only two. Does it change from year to year?

I haven’t bought a lot, but have been consistent. CT says I’ve spent $4900 since 2013. That doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but I am still in the first wave.

According to the email I received, my allocation opens July 23. I wonder if this is the second or third release, although I have to assume it would be the third given the date. I have bought bottles since 2020 when I first came off the wait list, although typically only a small amount per release given the price point.

Order in!

im in a similar boat. i’ll keep buying what i want to buy and won’t cry if they keep pushing me around like Milton in office space.

Mine too. 3 JB’s & 3 RB’s and a Magnum of the RB to replace a 2015 I took to a birthday party last week.

Those all look great. I cant wait til I am on the list. I really want to try that white.

I just got off the list back in January and purchased my allocation. My save the date is for July 25th so not expecting much to be left.

Passed on my allocation again. Curious as to if and when the offers stop

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I am passing too. My Saxum money is going to Linne Calodo.

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I buy both

Not only were they college roomates they both started Linne Calodo together. I am sure @TomHill has the exact details.

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They were both winemakers at WildHorse under Kenny Volk. Then they left there to found LinneCalodo. And then eventually broke apart. I think it was an amicable parting.