Saxum Release 2007

I couldn’t be more geeked for any wines this year than the extended aging JBVs. Happy to have already gotten my allocation, now I just need some money…

When did the offer hit?

I haven’t seen one in my neck of the woods yet.

Just logged in and it was there.

Prices look pretty much unchanged:

Broken Stones $45
JB Syrah $67 / $134 (mags)
32 and 44 Month JBV $75

SOB…my allocation is there as well.


My first list purchase since Carlisle…

All in. This was expensive, but a must have!

It pained me to take only half of my allocation. I went for 3, 3, 1, 1 and no mags. At least some others will get a chance at the leftovers. I’m dropping mailers like the bad habits they are but this isn’t one of them.

This, Turley, SQN, and a Cappellano offer from Rare all arrived today.

They are drying to kill me, or at least my wallet.

As much as I love Turley, I had to drop them. I could find them at the same or better prices at retail, that mailer used to be painful too.

I logged on to my account, but there was no allocation waiting for me. As a relative newcomer to the list (last Fall was my first opportunity to order) I am not surprised, as prior allocations have been rolled out in stages.

I have been debating what to do about Saxum. I have been more interested in leaner wines from cooler climates lately. I’ll probably order whatever I’m offered anyway, since Saxum is undeniably a crowd-pleaser and I still crave big wines once in a while.

I’m not able to take my whole allocation this time… which is larger than the last time around… so… there will be stuff for others…

Maybe if you cut back on the 1st growth bdxs you’d have some cash left over for some CA rhones. neener

Its amazing how we change our habits. Turley mailer arrived here too, and it didnt even get a glance from me and I have bought since the 94 vintage, but now I see enough in retail that it is not the priority Saxum is. Even with that, leaving a three pack and a magnum behind cut about 75 in taxes and shipping besides the Tariff. I am very happy to get what I got.

3-3-1-1 was all-in for me.

I am really interested to try the extended ageing wines. i am pretty sure the others will be great, but those could/should be off the charts. I bought as much as I could afford and then some.

12-12-2-3-3 for me. Not sure if I’ll keep it all but Saxum is number 2 in my book…numero uno being that over-oaked, hyped-up winery up north…

Columbia Crest?


BTW, Tex, love the avatar. That is “Oddball”, isn’t it? One of my favorite movies.