Saxum Magnum auction for horrible tragedy

A horrific accident occurred in my hometown this week when a man blew a stop sign and ended the life of a pregnant woman and 2 of her 3 little boys. Her oldest son is still holding on, though in a coma. They were on their way to Bible study. My family has a very personal connection to this family as she babysat our son full time until she had her 3rd little boy. As those with kids know, you don’t trust your children with anyone but the best of character.

Needless to say, her husband and hopefully oldest son have a tough road ahead. Fundraising efforts are starting up locally and I thought I could pry a few bucks out of WB friends with an auction for a decent bottle of wine. Let’s give this until Friday the 28th 6:00 PM CT.

1 Magnum of Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2012 - starting at $1. Shipping on me.


Oh yeah, properly stored since direct release in my 55* cellar.

Terrible event which I’ve been watching on the local news, Clint. My condolences

Horrible story. Unimaginable…

Third son died this morning. Unthinkable

Absolutely terrible story. Sick to my stomach.

As linked above, our fears came true and the last surviving boy passed away. My brother in law was the first on the scene and didn’t even recognize anyone. The husband, BIL and my sister were classmates in school. Needless to say this has stretched the faith of all involved. Thanks to all who have commented and/or reached out.

Bump for the last few hours. Thanks!

Winner Winner!

No brainer. I bought a great bottle and supported a more than worthy cause. Kudos to Clint for making it happen.

A mag of Saxum.

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Nice gesture by both seller and buyer!