Saxum, Ledge and Turtle Rock - one, two or all?

I’m a long time Saxum buyer, but I’m chaffing at the price increase. Still it is great wine and I’m still buying, but…

I managed to visit Ledge and Turtle Rock last year and got into their clubs. So now I’m getting all three, but Ledge and Turtle Rock are just the recent releases (starting with 2020). I tasted, but have not opened a Ledge or Turtle Rock bottle yet. Not sure I can justify buying all three. How do they age? I would assume similar to Saxum, but that’s a guess. They’ve both had price creep, but still about ⅓ less than Saxum.


Hey Mark!

I’m in the same boat… currently in all 3. I purchased some past vintages of both Ledge and Turtle Rock going back to 2017 so not a ton of age but they are all drinking very nicely. has the 2018 MCA Cuvee that I find a killer deal at $39. Pick some of that up if you can!

Turtle rock Willow’s Cuvee 2017 was what got me onto Turtle Rock, beautiful wine. All that being said, it’s easy enough to source on the open market at various shops or auction if you wanted. As of now I’ll stay in all 3 and just keep building up a stash of them.

Not to add another one to your list, but Pec & Burl is also very similar to Saxum. The winemakers cut their teeth at Saxum and are great guys so check them out if you need another cheaper Saxum outlet.

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I find Ledge just a bit lighter & earlier drinking than Saxum.
Never had Turtle Rock, but buy Saxum & Ledge.

I just cancelled TR. I found them with the 18 vintage which was quite layered and tasty at a nice price. Since, price has moved up quite a bit and the wines get bigger and bigger. They are now pushing 16% and the wines are too big. If that’s your thing, go for it.

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