Saxum day !!

I just love Saxum

One of the best wine days of the year, get to load up again. A little bit of a downer this year and there is no Bone Rock but plenty of other good stuff, the Broken Stones doesnt get a lot of love but it is normally the most approachable of the Saxums and I look forward to one of these in the spring/summer. I have been buying for several years so my caching concept is getting close to maturity, i can have new wines in, old wines ready to drink and stuff in between.

I am also really impressed that the prices have not jumped up, $98 just feels so much better than 3 figures

Don’t worry when I get on the list next year they’ll jump. I have a knack for that :wink:

I don’t see anything in my allocation when I log into my account. What gives?

You could be a 2nd or 3rd waver like me.

Don’t think so after being on the list for going on 10 years now or the 05 vintage…

Looks like it is just not open yet. My email says I will be on the 17th. Oh well. Just have to wait I guess.

E-mail just came. All in.


Would love to be on the list but my pocketbook is happier I am not

just got it also.

left some magnums for you folks…

got 6 days or so to decide. Never get mags anymore… storage is a pain

first time ever, I left a mag. Don’t intend on making it a habit, but I’m trying to keep my new year’s resolution on wine buying (for as long as I can).

Those waiting to get on the list next year may be in for a disappointment. The word is that the yields were extremely small [shock.gif]

Good thing i got moved up to the 1st wave then. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the orders! And yes, it is in waves so hang tight if you didn’t get the offer yet.

If you have any question (Mark), drop us a line at Saxum and we will be happy to look into it for you.

You guys rock, thank you so much!

Had to take my Broken Stones Mag, wine doesn’t get enough love.

These are the 2015’s?

Man, I am never gonna crack this list.


After at least five vintages on the list I am still second tier. I think this is sixth year on my own - bought through my favorite brother for a few years before then. Since this is the only Rhone I still buy, I’m ok with that.