Saxum Allocations are up...

2007 Bone Rock got a RP99 - took all 3
2007 Heart Stone got a RP97 - took all 6
2007 Booker Vineyard RP99- took all 3

Yep, 6 of each, and a mag of Bone Rock. Wishlisted another mag, but probably no chance on that.

6, 12, 6 & 1.

At $75 I just don’t have enough coin to max out my allocation. I am guessing some friends will get some love.

I left 6 Heartstones on the tabe, as 12 was just too much. 6,6,6,1 and I start the week $1600 in the hole. pileon

Exactly. And, Carlisle is literally just around the corner.

same here…I went 6 6 3 and 1…never been that huge a fan of the heartstone…and 12? damn.


I went 3-3-3 and left some Heart Stone for others. I’m glad that’s over.

Took the bottles of Bone (plus the mag) and left the rest on the table.

Maybe the best value in American wine, even at $75 per, but 6-12-12-1 is a lot of coin. Hopefully my friends will help me out.

I could kill $2000 on this offering! [pwn.gif]

Guess I should head over to CC.

i bought 3,3,6 but regret it already…
if anyone wants some heart stone just pm me. I will sell 3 of them.

took 3-3-3. all i could really afford now after buying a case of 05 Burgundy from HDH Saturday.

I am so sad…could only really do 3-1-1 this year [cry.gif]

12 + Mag of Bone Rock
3 & 3 of the others

Pretty much what everyone else said, could have done $2K plus in damage, but Quilceda Creek last week and a commitment to Buy Less/Drink More kept me somewhat in check.

I helped out a local by buying 2/2/2. That’s all I really want anyway.

I don’t believe that I have ever tasted a Saxum wine so I don’t know what I am missing. [scratch.gif] What I am not missing is the $2 grand it would have cost to buy them. blush

Awash in the glow of a Jets victory this past Saturday, I went overboard since we are aiming for a Saxum horizontal next week for the Divisional Playoff game and that will cost me a few bottles from my existing inventory. I have decided that I have too much low cost, high QPR wine in my cellar. There are just too many days when I go downstairs to pick out a bottle, look at a really nice $15 a bottle wine, and say, “Nah, I want something really great.” Instead of reducing purchases, I’ve decided to reduce consumption and buy only stuff that I really like a lot.

Debated for a moment but pulled the trigger on all three. [berserker.gif]

Been my strategy for 2 years but I just ended up with a lot of what I consider to be really great wine [berserker.gif]