Saw Belota at the market today.

Not that i eat it but it was $98/lb. Is that a good price?

At the Dallas Central Market it’s $179/lb for the Iberico Bellota, $99/lb for the Iberico

Check it out Jordan:

I thought bill said about $175/lb. 99% sure that it was the Bellota for $98

Wiki quote:

The basic jamón ibérico is priced upwards of $52 a pound, and the bellota is priced upwards of $96 a pound, making these hams the most expensive in the world.

now i see either jamon iberico belota or just iberico belota. have to see which it is

back leg vs. front leg

Back leg is better, from what the butchers in Barcelona are telling me, it’s got more fat/meat ratio. It’s not as expensive here, I plan on vacuuming some and bringing it home.

Jabugo de Bellota here in Manila is “only” about $70+/lb. My children love the stuff. I do too but can’t eat too much of it due to my hypertension.

I love it too. I haven’t found it in Chicago where it is cut properly–they have it but they slice it with an electric slicer, which IMHO, is incorrect. Has to be hand sliced and should be at that price.

I wouldn’t pay $98/lb. to eat Scarlett.

who the hell is Scarlett?

I think he meant this one…