Savannah wine shop recs needed

Sorry to post in two forums. I did not know where this query belonged. I am going to Savannah for a wedding and hope to find a good wine shop for some bubbles and Pinot. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

My guy there says:

Johnny Ganems

Habersham Beverage

Thanks, saw both online. I could not find either listing selections on line. We will try them, just wish we could see what they have to offer prior to heading down,

I don’t know the stores personally, but my buddy is a rep for one of Georgia’s major distributors and should steer you well. Since Georgia retailers cannot ship or deliver, I guess they don’t have a lot of the usual incentives for keeping a full inventory online.

I saw that Rare Wine has just added a Savannah Madeira to their line, if that holds any interest to you. It is a beautiful city. Are you dining at Elizabeth’s on 37th Street?

Dennis, friends of ours are trying to secure a sunday night booking there. They said it is a really nice dining experience with top notch service. Hope we get in!

I’m ITB and work Savannah from time to time. Both of the above mentioned stores are good ones. Habersham is like a big warehouse style store with a good selection. Ganem’s probably has more old Bordeaux and Burgundy and stuff like that. Both are good options though.