Sauternes Hunter: 2005 Lafaurie-Peyraguey $29.99 750ml!!!!

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Stay away from the 2007 Haut Charmes. Not worth it, especially at $15. I opened up a bottle yesterday and got a lot of paint thinner. A very light wine without much fruit, flavor, or complexity. It’s just borderline drinkable. You can see my TN on CellarTracker.

I need to learn to stop buying these “second” wines when there are so many affordable first and second-growth sauternes (like the subject of this thread).

Thanks for the advice on the 2007 Haut Charmes.

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  • 2007 Haut Charmes - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes (5/7/2010)
    From a 375. This wine is rumored to have grapes from Yquem, and so perhaps my expectations were too high. On opening, the wine had a nose and palate that reminded me exactly of paint thinner. That subsided just a bit with some air and allowed some of the fruit to come through. Light, a bit too cloying. Certainly unbalanced with a far too alcoholic finish.

I’ve never really found a worthy second wine from a Sauternes estate (cypres de climens, etc.), and I need to learn my lesson and stop being suckered in by the price. It’s probably better to stick to first wines from solid QPR estates like Doisy Vedrines (around $20/half). (80 pts.)

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To be fair to the 2007 Haut Charmes, I just tried it again today and it has gotten a little bit better. The paint thinner flavors are very mild and it’s showing a lot more light tropical fruit with a bit of mango. Still not worth $15. Maybe if you can find it for $10 it may be worth picking up 2-3 as Tuesday drinkers.