Saturday's Challenge

It’s Saturday and Carrie is in Blackhawk to attend her niece’s Bat Mitzvah. She has left me a choice of microwaveable Teriyaki Chicken or BBQ chicken pizza to be cooked in the toaster oven. What do you think? [scratch.gif]

Hmm. I’m guessing she worries about your talents in the kitchen, judging the placement of the fire extinguisher.

I’d drive up to the Oakville Grocery.


You should have gone with her. If the kiddush is as good as my shul/temple/synagogue, you missed a good lunch.

They were talking about going out to lunch after the reception, hanging around for six hours, then having a dinner at 7 PM. I doubt the food would have been on a par.

Order take out buddy . . .

Just got back from a 4 hour bat mitzvah. Trust me, even lunch at the French Laundry isn’t worth it! [bye.gif]

You should have tagged along, played 18 at the lakes course @ Blackhawk and then finished off with beer in the falls clubhouse.

Carrie’s back. Bagels, cream cheese and fruit is what they had. That BBQ chicken pizza is calling my name. [winner.gif]