Saturday In-Store tasting

Every Saturday we have our consumer wine tasting featuring wines from our paper newsletter (much like many other wine shops).
Today was “Loire Wines” which featured a very light, forgettable, but cheap Muscadet. Also, a basically sweet, also forgettable and cheap Vouvray.
However, there were two tasty wines as well:

Reverdy 2007 Sancerre La Reine Blanche
Served about 10 degrees too cool at first, this wine simply eviscerated the palate with its temperature and acidity. Where’s the beef (read: fruit)? I cupped my hands around the glass (no sexual innuendos please haha) to warm it to the proper temperature and re-tasted. I found the scintillating acidity had not abated, but the fruit had emerged. Coupled with the impression of containing seashell scrapings, the lemon rind through white grapefruit meat fruit exploded with incredible complexity and intensity.
Love it! Especially since Chef Jose whipped up his famous Tuna Steaks for sampling alongside the wines!

Breton 2006 Bourgueil Franc de Pied
OK, I had to try this one twice as well. Mostly because the first glass magically emptied itself into my stomach without my noticing. Apparently, I involuntarily chugged this juicy, delicious little Bourgueil. Hey! I couldn’t help it!
My second attempt revealed the strange minerality that entices me so many times with wines from this region. Some call it salty, some call it granite, I call it yummy (is that a type of stone?). I wouldn’t call it refreshing, but it certainly does revive the palate with its oddly angular combination of fruit, stone, briar, and “chunk.” Its like a one-punch knockout. You don’t see it coming because of its obtuse angle of approach.


Exactly why I love this wine! Been enjoying Reverdy Sancerre since '97, and it always seems consistent. I also don’t want alot of fruit in my Sancerre, but bracing acidity and I do like the lemon rind!

Thanks for the update.

What a load of self-promoting crap!

Just kidding. [berserker.gif]

oh shit…
Ken made me cry [cray.gif]


Breton Bourgueil is so money [give_heart.gif] I love every opportunity I get to try and track their various bottlings. This sounds like another winner. Thanks, Peter.

Where is your store BTW?

I have added my store and (pending) web address to my signature.
Thanks for reminding me!

Meanwhile, I just tasted some Great Divide beers as well. “Belgica” is where it is AT!