Saturday in store funnies.....

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of hosting Thierry Lurton of Chateau de Camarsac in the store. He was pouring his Bordeaux Superieur and a three year vertical of wines from his sister Sophie’s Chateau, Bouscaut in Pessac-Leognan, where he helps with the winemaking. It was so cool to meet a member of this great winemaking family, especially given that he is very friendly, down to earth, and loves his wine and what he does.

The wines were showing very well and it was nice to see people enjoying the wine and commenting on the differences in the three vintages of Bouscaut. Unfortunately, there are those who still insist on mixing politics and wine. A gentleman approached the table and asked what it was we were sampling. When I told him, he stepped back and shook his head exclaiming he doesn’t do french wine.

He then asked me where we keep the Grey Goose…


Maybe he meant Belvedere; the Polish are neutral right? [berserker.gif]

You should have pointed him towards the Smirnoff [rofl.gif]

Or told him who really “invented” Grey Goose." onclick=";return false;

Probably loves Filet Mignon.

It’s the tastiest of branded meats…isn’t it? Screw that T-Bone.

A few years back when that was very prevalent (and some customer even wanted us to stop selling Champagne!), I used to ask them, “Do you like Bourbon?” and if they said, “Yes!”, I reminded them that Pernod-Ricard owns most of the distilleries now.