Sante Arcangeli, Santa Cruz Mountains

Anyone visited their tasting room or tried the wines? I picked up a bottle of their 2011 Corralitos Pinot Noir at Norm’s Market in Pescadero and really liked it - a bit on the fruity side maybe, but lots going on and just tremendously enjoyable. I don’t follow Steve Heimoff so don’t know his taste in pinot, but I found a mention of Sante Arcangeli’s 2012 pinot on his blog (“knocked my sox off”).

I tasted a couple of their Pinots at this year’s Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Paradise tasting in March. I liked their 2011 “Corralitos Duet” bottling - they also poured a 2012 Split Rail Vineyard barrel sample that I thought was tough to judge at that stage in its development. Seems like a promising newer producer though, and it should be worth keeping an eye on them.

Pinot Paradise 2013 Grand Cruz Tasting

Ken, thanks, that is a wealth of tasting notes!

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that Wes Barton thinks highly of Sante Arcangeli, and he knows Santa Cruz Mountains wines better than just about anyone.

Well, intrigued highly as I haven’t gotten to taste them yet. The Stefania Split Rail Syrah and the Nicholson Split Rail PN (made by Ian Brand) both showed showed impressive vineyard expression, so I look forward to seeing what these guys are doing with the PN.

Just saw Heimoff’s Wine Enthusiast review on the 2012 Split Tail pinot from Sante Arcangeli:

With a pale color and mouthwatering acidity, this delicately structured Pinot goes well beyond its immediate flavors of raspberry tea, pomegranates, persimmons, orange peel, exotic spices and oak to offer a Burgundian touch of earth and mushrooms. There’s also a firm, stony minerality on the palate. This gorgeous Pinot was produced in tiny quantities of 300 cases and will drink well over the next six years.
— (3/1/2014) — 94