Santa Cruz Mountains research project

I’m impressed by the progress and enthusiasm that Mike Dildine has had with his Old Vines Zinfandel project.

A few years ago I began a similar project to catalog all the wineries and vineyards (past and present) of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley. I’ve managed to keep the winery side fairly up to date, but the vineyard aspect is seriously lacking.

If anyone out there has any interest in or knowledge of the region and would like to help out in any way then your assistance would be appreciated. The project is at - please take a look.


Dave - I’d love to help.

Dave, that is some brilliant work you are doing. I have been watching it for some time and watching it grow is really exciting. As you know, I love the SCM. Keep up the good work!

Cheers Friend

Nicely done Dave! I’d like to drive up some weekend and discuss with you over a glass of SCM OV Zin!

BTW, Jancis Robinson tipped me off to a guy named Sam Holmes. He is an Aussie who is working on a project similar to yours for the Barossa Valley.

I’ve contacted him and will forward info to you when I receive it.

Cheers guys. If you want to help out with editing, you just need to sign up for an account on Wikispaces and request access.

Mike: I’ll look forward to it!

Dave, good call!

As soon as I can get a web designer going for this site for some new pages, I will be adding sections like what you have here for an additional place to publish - one with existing traffic and great search engine placement.

Come up for a tour and we can put a dinner together.

Couple of ones you missed:
Hicks (goes to vine hill)
Christie (goes to storrs) – both in pleasant valley

there’s a dentist who’s name starts with an L that has an older Pinot vineyard below the Split Rail site that used to go to Clos La Chance.

I’d recommend talking to Jeff Emery, he’s a wealth of information about the history and vineyards of the area.

Great project.