Santa Barbara Urban Trail - Help

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A neighbor is heading up to SB for the weekend and may hit the Urban Wine Trail on Saturday. He and his wife are new to wine but love it. A few Berserkers already know Matt from when he joined us at Chez Dietz … the night Nick revealed his tatoos.

Anyway the wineries are Carr, Oreana Winery, Jaffurs, Santa Barbara Winery, Summerland and Whitcraft.

I know and love Jaffurs and Whitcraft so that is easy. And I know Santa Barbara Winery is terrible (and near the top for my worst tasting room experience ever) but Carr and Summerland look interesting and sound familiar. Oreana doesn’t ring a bell.

Any thoughts? Or other places? They are totally playing it buy ear and what to keep things simple and close.



When visiting SB, we always stop at a wine store called Vino Divino on De La Vina St.

The young owner usually has wines to taste, and knows his stuff. He has turned us on to some really good Pinots.

Also, a high end supermarket called Lazy Acres, at the North end of town, usually has some hard to find wines at fairly reasonable prices.

No affiliation…etc, etc

Carr is definitely worth visiting. Also relatively new to the area is Kunin/Westerly . . . good wines for the money.

Vino DiVino is certainly a good place to go, and for a wider selection, certainly have then hook up with Bob W at WineHound . . . he KNOWS his stuff!

There’s also a new wine bar in Paseo Nuevo called Live Culture - supposed to be fun - and another place called Blush nearby . . .

Santa Barbara Winery still makes the best dessert wine in the area for the money IMHO . . .

Hope that helps . . . and you have my # if you need to call (-:


I friccon love Jaffurs…was there last weekend. The mouved, petit sirah, Thompson syrah were amazing. Same with the Kunin stuff. Spend the five bucks extra for the library wine on the Kunin tasting list. The Sta. Rita Hills syrah was great.

I totally agree about Carr…great setting!