Santa Barbara area fires 2024 edition

Thanks for the reminder, used that a lot during norcal fires. SB says good, aqi currently 17 :slight_smile:

AirNow doesn’t really have the necessary resolution and can give erroneously optimistic information. There are a few crowdsourced networks that are better. I’d recommend the Purple Air network as the most comprehensive - here’s what it looks like around SB county Real-Time Air Quality Map | PurpleAir

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Here in Montecito now. It’s a cool, overcast 62. No sign of smoke. But I have seen a few white flakes of ash come down.


26,000+ acres have burned :cry:, 12% containment. They have a lot of dedicated air support this afternoon. Hopefully they can get a handle on this one soon.

The really good news is the wind isn’t driving this fire.

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How far is that from the former Neverland ranch?

Neverland is to the west of the fire - blue area on map (approximately).The wind is currently blowing from the north toward the east per Watch Duty.

Actually Neverlamdnis now called Sycamore Valley Ranch -‘and it’s in the thick of it . . .

We left Montecito this morning and drove up 101. Montecito was cool and overcast, no wind. By the time we got up and over the hills, temp hit 88 (I saw 106 through Paso). So it’s hot, but not particularly windy in the fire zone.

Car was a bit of a mess this morning, a lot of white ash sticking to it, though no smoke aroma in the air. It seems to be raining down very slowly from higher up in the atmosphere. Stopped for a car wash in SB to clean it up.

Within a mile yesterday

Looks like the fire reached parts of the ranch late yesterday, but so far no reported damage to structures. Last report on Watch Duty the fire was 28,987 acres and 16% contained.

This is the fire map from 1am pst.

Lots and lots of manpower on the lines at this point. It’s moving towards Happy Canyon at faster rates now, but there are two lines of defense.

There were supposed to be sundowner winds yesterday afternoon and evening but luckily they did not materialize - that was certainly a blessing.

Evacuation warnings now exist all the way close to downtown Los Olivos but the fire would have to move at least 4-5 miles to get there - luckily unlikely . . .


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Not sure where you live in the area. Are you ok?

Yikes. Pretty close to the Santa Ynez vineyards I take from.

Totally fine - the areas of greatest concern right now are the Woodstock and Happy Canyon areas - and they are actively creating controlled burns to prevent further growth . . .


Indeed - all is okay bit there has been plenty of ash and smoke. Most likely too early to affect the grapes - or at least we hope so . . .