There are so many sanitation protocols out there I am trying to figure out what kind of sanitation to set up for my winery. Do you use soda ash, citric than ozone or do you use steem, iodide,peracidic some miracle compound I am not aware of? Would you have any advice, do you have a great way/ protocol to sanitize the winery?
Thank You

Atomic bomb. 100% effective (except for those damn roaches). Staffing and OSHA can be a problem.

But really, I use TSP, Citric, PAA, Peroxycarb, Ozone, Citric/SO2, Quats depending on the application. For stainless tanks, usually some variation on pressure-washing, caustic, citric, PAA. Then O3 before filling if it stays idle too long.

Lots of different choices.

Nate, any particular reason to use citric before the PAA? I thought the PAA worked as both a neutralizer for any residual caustic, with oxidizing power to boot.

I’m a big fan of using a potassium-based caustic (to reduce sodium loading in wastewater) followed by a water rinse and then PAA, with no final water rinse. Ozone certainly has its uses.

Chlorine dioxide sounds interesting but I would like to learn more about how it is generated and how it actually works before taking the plunge.

Never been a big fan of the quats and iodine. I’m sure they work, I just don’t like using them.

Belt and suspenders. Let the acid neutralize and the killin’ juice do the killin’

Smooth surfaces, we use a team of hamsters, you would be surprised how abrasive their tongues are. Absent hamsters, an abrasive pad and hot water to remove any films followed by ozone. If I had a pressure washer I would use a pressure washer.

For barrels, hot water to remove tartrates followed by ozone.

For purchased nuetral barrels when I first get them to sanitize: Proxycarb at 20 oz in 80 f. water filled barrel for 48 hours, drained and followed by hot water wash, refilled with water and 200 grams tartaric and 50 grams KMBS and allowed to sit for a week.

I like to wash the outside of empty barrels with warm water, proxy carb and a brush.

I also spend about 4 minutes per barrel when they are empty with a wire brush and moistened proxycarb scrubbinb the bung hole. Scrubbing the barrel bung hole is a super important part of barrel sanitation, especially for controlling acetobacter innoculum.

How do you keep them from pooping in the tank?

We insert a small bung in their bung hole.

That’s alot of hovering-over-the-bung time.

Those are some bung holes I really don’t want to scub. [wow.gif]