Sounds like a great release. I’ll take anything I’m allocated.

I still have one emergency bottle of Trousseau from last year.
Thanks and congrats Tegan

Mazel Tov to you all Tegan, we will take what you sell us.

Man that 2010 Carignane was as good as any bottle we uncorked last year. Meal was just so great!

Just opened the 2010 SLH Syrah last night and its drinking beautifully right now! Here is to hoping that Tegan makes some more syrah in the future!!

I hope that Grenache and Mataro have a future for Sandlands. Loved the ones we got from the first releases.

Bump-ing to keep it in my poor memory!

Had the 2010 Mataro last. Fantastic wine. Really enjoyed it.

Definitely more mataro…

Loved the Mataro, as well.

Tasting Notes. Please!

I had it quite a while ago and it was at a gathering. So, I have no notes. I remember it being a standout, though. I remember saying something about the purity of the fruit that it showed and that it was smooooooth. :slight_smile:

Tick tock, tick tock…

When’s the release???

Maybe it’s already live :wink:

no teasing allowed! either that, or i wasn’t given any allocations! and if that’s the case… pileon

Congrats on the upcoming birth.
Anxiously awaiting these fine wines…

Popped a 2012 Sandlands Chenin Blanc with anticipation of the upcoming release…wow is this great! I’m all in [wow.gif]

You know that I had to go check my email and log in to my Sandlands account after seeing this, right?! :frowning:

Drinking a 13 chenin right now. Good freaking God is this delicious. You better believe I’m going to order as much as I possibly can, as quickly as I possibly can when this offer comes out.

Here’s to hoping Tegan is feeling generous with my allocation, considering this is only my 2nd time buying. Wonder if he takes bribes?? :slight_smile:

Any ideas on a release date???

I’ll admit to randomly checking the website to see if allocations are up in case I missed the email. I shorted the Chenin last time but definitely going all-in on this release.