Anyone here anything out of Tegan and when the next Sandlands offer might be coming? Seems to long since he has had an offer since it was early last spring I believe. Would like to make sure I have some funds left over for his wines whenever they come out.

I believe they released in late March last year…

I hope it’s no time soon! March or April would be great.

Like you said, usually in spring, and – last I checked – the calendar said January in the dead of winter. Save your $
s until then.

Looked it up…release dates were 6/2/14, 10/16/14, and 4/5/15. If I recall correctly, in each case the allocations just went up and an email was sent without any advance warning.

I will be ready. Great wines.

Si… 13 Trousseau is off the charts

Easiest way to find out is to ask. I sent an email a couple of months ago and Tegan said it would be early spring. I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you for the question. If you follow the biodynamic calendar our wines are released sometime inbetween January and December.
This year we hope to send out the release at the end of Feb, with shipping in March. Unfortunately we wil again only have one release, and we would like to have all wines delivered before our second child arrives in Mid April. That’s an order from my wife.
This years offer will be.
2014 California Chenin blanc
2014 Amador County Chenin blanc
2014 Napa Valley Chenin blanc
2014 Contra Costa County Carignane
2014 California Carignane
2014 Sonoma Coast Trousseau.
This year we will send a notice out about 1 week prior to the offer. I may not be smart, but at least I’m slow.


May I ask why your wines are offered on a first come, first serve basis as opposed to guaranteed allocations? Enough of my life revolved around wine as it is, without being a slave to release days.

Also I’d love if you stuck your neck out and offered drinking windows on your wines. I’m holding the vast majority, but I’d love some affirmation!


Every cart needs an ox.

With regards to allocations. we are a small company with very little track record. In the past our allocations I believe to be very fair. I have allocated wines to those who have prior purchase history. Those who have purchased before get offered more wine. Allocations are very small and I would like to offer our wines to as many people as possible. I have been very accommodating to those with prior purchase history who have missed out on the offer by selling wine out of our small library.
To summarize, we are a small winery with very little su fist you cation. We do strive to be fair.
With regards to drinking windows. We are still figuring that out. On a whole I feel like the wines start to show well after a couple of years in bottle.


What’s the house style? Old vs new world? Or mix?


Strictly speaking, the answer would be “new world” but it’s a big world isn’t it?

If you are interested to understand Tegan’s winemaking approach, you would do well to listen to the two interviews that he gave to Levi Dalton for the I’ll Drink to That podcast. I will admit to having listened to both more than once and will probably do it again. Tegan is a thoughtful and interesting guy and it shows in his work


Dibs on the Contra Costa juice!

Two Carignane bottlings!!!

Congrats Tegan on your upcoming arrivals!! (both the baby and the wine :wink: ) Glad to see Trousseau among the mix (been going through withdrawal since I drank my last (only?) bottle ages ago!) … quick question, any plans to make Matero again? or was 2010 just a one-off?

Tegan, congrats on baby #2! We are 7 weeks into the wild multiple offspring experience. I complete understand and support your decision to listen to whatever your wife directs you to do…

I had the same reaction, the Carignane and Trousseau are my two faves, so stoked.

(not to mention 3 Chenin bottlings!)