San Sebastian

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Agreed. In Bilbao there’s a great plaza that has some really wonderful pintxos as well. You can easily spend an afternoon/evening just grazing / imbibing your way through that area. Worth doing if you’re already planning to see the Guggenheim, and have the time.

But San Sebastian just towers over Bilbao otherwise. Which is no shot at Bilbao - I think it’s a wonderful city and we usually stay there for a night either before or after we make our trip to Rioja.

San Sebastian is simply one of the most special places on this beautiful planet.


Was in San Sebastián a few weeks ago. Akalare was my fav meal. Asador Etxtebarre was wonderful. The turbot at Kaia Kaipe was as good as ever and memorable. Worth a trip to nearby Getaria. Bar Nestor and Ganbara wonderful. I thought the beef at Ganbara was terrific.