San Francisco Wine Dinner/Tasting (Thursday, April 13th)

Date sounds good to me. I have very little cellar depth viz Riesling or Loire but I’m sure I have a bottle or two that I could rustle up. Taishan is an option - and we have a bit of a relationship - but definitely eager to explore new places. Other possibilities: Mathilde (run by my old landlord), Seven Hills (they treated us well last April), Kitchen Istanbul

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Very cool. Thank you Yao for all of your help organizing (and @BillK for reaching out and getting this rolling!)

Let’s set the date and time for Thursday, April 13th at 7pm

(would that work for you Andy or would you want a slightly later start?)

Let’s get a roll call of who can attend to figure out the prospective head count, and then we can figure out logistics once we know who can come.

13th at 7pm works for me. +1 on Yao’s suggestions. Seven Hills may be more formal than you’re looking for but they are great hosts.

I’m in for 4/13 at 7! @TylerWoods want to share a ride again?

I’d be happy with any of the restaurants mentioned so far.

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Yea let’s do it

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I’m in

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I am in

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Right now, it looks like we have 7 in total who are confirmed:

Yao +1
Bill K

If others on the thread want to join, I think we can definitely get at least two more in, perhaps even more (see below). So, please chime in if you are available.

I think Mezze and Mooore (the Mission Lebanese place – and Mooore is not a typo) can probably accommodate 8, (maybe 10-12) – I will need to talk to the owner, and figure that out (basically, we would have two 4-tops next to each other. I’m guessing we could also add some two tops if we have more than 8 people interested).

In terms of food, the place serves mainly mezze (like hummus, falafel, and some other Mediterranean small plates) and schwarma wraps and kebobs. Here’s a link to the website.

However, I am open to doing Seven Hills or Mathilde if folks want to do something more formal and with more precise service. If we do Mezze and Moore, we will certainly need to bring our own stems (and maybe even an ice bucket and dump bucket). Service there is a also a little haphazard, but the owner is a really good guy and will make us feel welcome.

Another drawback to Mezze and Mooore is that it closes at 9pm. On a Friday night, my friends and I stayed past closing to 10pm and the owner didn’t care, but I’m less sure about a Thursday.

Let me know how you guys want to proceed: Mezze and Mooore, or another option.

Would love to try it!

I’m in too

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I am along for the ride anywhere since the day and time works for me.

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Great, I’m going to update the Opening Post to include the following details:

Date and time: Thursday, April 13th at 7pm Pacific
Location: Mezze and Mooore, 198 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA

@Yao_C (+1)

In terms of theme, do we want to do Loire (a mix of red and white) or do we want to do Riesling? Or another theme? I’m cool with anything.

For Loire, I got '09 Baudry Croix Boisee and an '05 Bregeon Muscadet Reserve (which would be geeky and interesting – an '07 Pepiere Clisson was drinking beautifully last year and aged Muscadet is pretty off the beaten track).

For riesling, skies the limits, though I’m kind of interested in doing a deeper dive in '21 just because it is such a weird, throwback vintage that also is drinking incredibly well young (if you like ripping acidity). But also can try to get more aged stuff if people are more interested in doing that.

Or we can just bring whatever niche stuff we are passionate about so we can all learn about new stuff and be surprised.

I will also talk to the owner about reserving a table just because we are going to have a big group. Highly recommend you bring stems with you.

Also, I’m going to try to figure out a way to streamline ordering – since its counter-service, it might make sense to put in an order earlier if there is a preference to do a mix of mezze. But, if people just want to do schwarma/kebob plates or wraps, we can do that too.

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If we do Loire, I could bring 05 and 06 Baudry Croix Boissee. Or some 1990 and 1996 whites (Huet, Baumard, Delatang) that I’ve been waiting for a geeky event to open.

If Riesling, I’d rather do a mix of ages rather than just a focus on 2021, but open!

And I also like the idea of “bring something geeky that you like” too!

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If there is still room, I would like to attend. Riesling would be my preference.

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Awesome, added!

Also, I’m good with a mix of riesling ages if that is the consensus of the group.

I am definite if there is room

Awesome! Added.

Also, for the rest of the group, I talked to the owner today and he can accommodate a large number of people, so I don’t think we need to set a cap on attendees. Sounds like he can easily accommodate up to 12 people, if not more.

It’s going to be a long table (basically two four-top tables put together with additional 2-tops added to the ends to accommodate as many folks as we need). But, the owner has managed these types of dinner parties before, so should not be a problem.

Also, he’s going to take orders from us at the table so we don’t need to line up at the counter (though you might want to check out the menu before you go so you have some idea what you want – either shared mezze or just getting schwarma/kebob plates).

In the OP, I’m just going to list riesling as the theme (but we can change it if people have strong feelings).

Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to the dinner.

If we end up doing all riesling… how do we feel about sweetness levels? I do love the higher pradikats but if we end up with 12 ausleses I might need to find some insulin for dessert.

Having said that, I’d be happy to bring 2001 Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr spätlese and auslese.

I am cool with doing any sweetness level, but I understand not wanting everyone to bring an auslese.

I’m probably bringing Spatleses or Kabitnetts, but I think it will be great if we get a variety of styles, dry to off-dry to sweet.

Also, we may want to do a one bottle limit (though people should feel free to bring a backup). I just invited two other people, so we are 11 right now, which is going to be plenty of wine for everyone.

I would like to join.